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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Weekly Threats: Recommended New Release For 04/20/18 - SLEEP - THE SCIENCES

Sleep - The Sciences
There are probably a bunch of great new releases that came out today that deserves mentioning, BUT NONE OF THAT MATTERS NOW BECAUSE SLEEP HAS RELEASED "THE SCIENCES!!!"  We will get to other new releases later, but when a legendary band like Sleep releases a surprise album 20 years after their last one (not counting Jerusalem's re-release as Dopesmoker) it demands more than a mere mention!  The legendary stoner metal band of course gives us their latest on 4/20 and it's their first to feature the band's new drummer, Neurosis' Jason Roede.  When I saw them perform on their reunion tour in 2010 the thought on my mind (and everyone else's) was if this tour meant that a new album was on the horizon.  Now that it's here, the only problem I have with it is that it took 8 years for us to get it!

The album opens up with the eerie and noisy eponymous track which gives way to the second: Marijuanaut’s Theme.  From the moment you hear their unmistakable guitar tone you know that Pike and Cisneros are back with a vengeance and the massive masters of the riff are taking no prisoners!  The Sciences also features a studio version of incredible song Sonic Titan, which was only previously available as a live-only track on Dopesmoker, as well as "Antarcticans Thawed" a track that was written during the Dopesmoker recording sessions.  Curiously the track they released in 2014 titled 'Clarity' was not included.  This album is HIGHLY (pun intended) recommended and is available to stream now and you can purchase physical copies via Third Man Records.

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