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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Weekly Threats: Recommended New Releases For 12/15/17

Nightcrawler - Jägermeister Galaxy Hunter
Last week was slim pickings for new releases, as per usual during December, which is why we're playing catch-up with this week's installment. One-man dark synth band Nightcrawler is very influenced by movie soundtracks when looking at the themes of their albums.  Jägermeister Galaxy Hunter obviously touches more on sci-fi movie soundtracks for his latest synthwave album.

KXNG Crooked - Good VS Evil II:  The Red Empire

Crooked I's latest is the second part to his concept album from last year, and continues in the storyline.  Taking an overt nod to today's political climate, the rebels from the last album that have defeated the evil Puppetmaster now has the new Red Empire to deal with.  Being 1/4 of one of the most lyrical supergroups to ever form in Hip Hop, you can expect another album packed with catchy yet complicated rhyme schemes from this west coast G.

Daniel Deluxe - Instruments of Retribution

It may seem like we're obsessed with synthwave around these parts (which we are) but the main reason for their coverage lately is that synthwave artists are just so damn prolific.  Plus there's a ton of them sprouting up every day, so during the end of the year when new releases are scarce you can count on at least a half dozen retro synth albums popping up.  Take for example Daniel Deluxe's second album; Instruments of Retribution.  The Copenhagen artists releases another album of retro experimental retro wave for you to enjoy in this 37 minute banger of a record.

Brockhampton - Saturation III

The self-described American alternative hip hop boy band Brockhampton was formed in San Marcos, Texas in 2015 but are currently based in California.  Since they came together via the KanyeToThe forums they are also often referred to as the "the Internet's first boy band" but they're basically a collective of rappers and producers with an alternative edge.  Coming off as a more lyrical version of today's wave of new Hip Hop artists, they have put out the third part of their Saturation series. All of which have came out this year, which is quite a feat.

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