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Friday, December 02, 2016

Tommy '86 - Transhumanism [FREE Download]

If you’re itching for more synthwave since my Perturbator post, then this post is the one you’ve been waiting for! Transhumanism may not be quite as dark as the Perturbator album, but it’s packed with just as much aggressive, nostalgic synthy goodness! This album is also being released by Blood Music, the same label that put out The Uncanny Valley so you know you’re in for the same type of ride. Tommy ’86 may be a reference to his birth year, but it’s more likely a reference to the era that influenced his music the most. Transhumanism is a concept album that is set in the machine-dominated dystopian town Citymulation, in the year 2332. There we find the The L.V.T.H.N. Project which is a group intent on creating AI that emulates the human brain, an attempt that inevitably goes awry as the AI evolves beyond its creators. According to the label this is Tommy 86’s first darksynth album, a departure from his “retrosynth” releases from the past. This album also features label-mates and fellow Frenchmen Dan Terminus and the aforementioned Perturbator. Download it for free below and buy the physical copy from Blood Music if you like what you hear!

Download Here:


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