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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

The Private Eye by Brian K. Vaughan [FREE]

Brian K. Vaughan is an amazing and highly acclaimed writer. He has created and/or written many comic books including Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina, Marvel’s Runaways, Pride of Baghdad, and the highly popular Saga. Vaughan was also a writer, executive story editor and producer for seasons 3 to 5 on the ABC TV series Lost. Damon Lindelof the co-creator and executive producer of Lost was a huge fan of Vaughan’s Y: The Last Man. In addition to all that Brian has won a whopping 10 Eisner Awards and was nominated for many others. Needless to say any project he is involved with deserves some attention, let alone one that is being offered for free. 

The Private Eye is a sci-fi detective series written by Vaughan, drawn by Marcos Martín and takes place in the year 2076. It is set in a post-internet world where concerns over privacy and a major event have led to every citizen having a secret identity. In this world the press is also the police, and the story follows Pi who is a detective/unlicensed journalist, aka a "paparazzo." The series lasted 10 issues and was self-published by its creators digitally through their website, Panel Syndicate, in DRM-free formats.  In 2015 it won an Eisner Award for Best Digital/Webcomic and the Harvey Award for Best Online Comics Work. The comic has a clever premise and is highly addictive, and I can see it being easily adapted to television. They are up for digital download with a suggested donation so try and drop a few bucks if you can, it is insane that a comic book this good is being offered for free.

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