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Monday, December 07, 2015

Fórn - Fórn EP [FREE Download]

I was suffering from severe sludge withdrawal the other week while I was driving back home after finally seeing Buried at Sea live. Luckily, I came across a post made by Gilead Media/Eroding Winds head Adam Bartlett about the new Fórn  Weltschmerz vinyl, which reminded me that the EP had been out for more than a week already! I immediately purchased it off of Bandcamp for the ride home – it was a Doomsgiving Night miracle! 

I may have been hitting a hard heroin crash from my lack of Buried at Sea, but the methadrone treatment prescribed by Fórn was more than enough to sate my cravings. The new EP was amazing and it reminded me of how great their debut was too. When looking up said debut I was happy to find that their self-titled demo EP was actually up for free download/donation! The two track beast of a release from the Boston band may only be barely 14 minutes long, but each and every second is as crushing as the last. You can download the EP below and be sure to check out their official debut "The Departure of Consciousness" as well as the vinyl for Weltschmerz!

Download Here: forn.bandcamp.com

Weltschmerz Vinyl: erodingwinds.com

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