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Friday, September 11, 2015

Begotten - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack [FREE Download]

This is an absolute find! The original soundtrack to the 90’s 'WTF am I watching' cult classic film; Begotten has been released as a free download. Although it seems to be mastered as one long track, the Bandcamp page does provide track titles that correspond to occasional audible breaks in the music. The first track ‘Undead’ recalls the Residents at their most ominous, with its haunting synths and the constant hum in the background. The second track ‘The Dark Fair’ starts off kind of dance-y with a stuttering rhythm that soon overtaken by those haunting synths. One track features some neoclassical piano that borders on new age, which I can't recall being in the film. Quite unsurprisingly, there is a large chunk of industrial ambience that recalls the soundtracks from other dark, bleak black & white cult films such as Eraserhead and Tetsuo The Iron Man. While it doesn't quite measure up to those soundtracks, it’s a mostly interesting listen in its own right. ~P

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