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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Ehnahre - Discography [FREE for a limited time]

I first discovered Boston band Ehnahre in 2008 when they released their first official album "The Man Closing Up" and was immediately blown away.  They play an avant-garde version of doom, blending experimental jazz and metal in a way that has evolved with every release since their inception in 2006.  Their membership has evolved every album as well, with bassist/vocalist Ryan McGuire and guitarist/vocalist John Carchia being the only consistent members.  Before forming (or 'reforming') most of the original band did a stint filling in the roster of fellow experimentalists Kayo Dot before leaving in 2006.

I say 'reform' because three of the members was already a band in high school and first called themselves Negative Reasoning, named after a song title on Eyehategod's "Dopesick" album: 'Non Conductive Negative Reasoning.'  They frequently abbreviated the name, referring to themselves as NR. When they reformed in 2006 after leaving Kayo Dot; former member D.J. Murray suggested they take NR and spell it phonetically. Thus became Ehnahre.

The band is currently recording the followup to their 2012 album "Old Earth" entitled "Douve," and have decided to give us a little treat in the interim.  All their previous material available on Bandcamp will now be "Name Your Price" until they are done recording "Douve."  So take advantage of this generosity quickly and donate a few duckets to them in the process if you can!

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