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Sunday, November 02, 2014

Fuck the Facts - Abandoned EP [Free, basically]

I was listening to Parlamentarisk Sodomi last night. While reveling on the pure fucking grind this one-man band from Norway puts out, I realized that he hasn't released anything under that project in almost 3 years (he is however slated to release a less traditional space-grind album this year under his project Psudoku.)

I was also thinking how Jon Chang's latest group Gridlink released Longhena this year and announced that it would be their last album. Although Japanese grind greats Swarrrm released a new album this year, it is currently unavailable in North America unless you want to pay a hefty premium to ship a copy in from Japan. All this has got me feeling that I am in desperate need of some good, new grind. Imagine my excitement when Fuck the Facts' latest EP popped up in my inbox!

Fuck the Facts are an amazing grindcore band from Quebec that has been together for almost 15 years. They released an EP titled 'Amer' last year, but haven't released a proper full length since 2011. We're still patiently waiting the followup to Die Miserable, but in the meantime Fuck the Facts have been gracious enough to pacify us with 'Abandoned!' This latest EP only has 3 songs yet is surprisingly long (as far as grind EPs go) at nearly 13 minutes. This time around there's a more noticeable melodic death metal influence going on, which adds a great thrash feel to the songs. But don't let all this melody fool you into thinking this is any less brutal, this EP still pummels and may be my favorite Fuck the Facts output in recent memory! The EP is being put out on their new independent label Noise Salvation and is currently on sale for $1 Canadian.

I know this is labeled as a free release but it's one fucking dollar, ONE FUCKING DOLLAR! You should be so lucky to get this many great tracks for the price of a single shitty bitrate iTunes track. We here at Idol Threat do know that times can get hard, and the band understands too, so if you are truly down and out you can email our site at the address to the right in the Disclaimer section and we will send you a download link (courtesy of Fuck the Facts themselves.) There is also a limited edition cassette of the EP available for those that want a physical copy. For now please check out their other releases on their Bandcamp and support. -GodzIL

Get it here:fuckthefacts.bandcamp.com

Get the Cassette here: fuckthefacts.bigcartel.com

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