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Tuesday, July 08, 2014

Thou - Heathen & Compilations [FREE Downloads]

Our love of prolific New Orleans sludge masters Thou is no secret here, especially after our post about them offering [nearly] their entire discography for FREE. When it was announced that guitarist Andy Gibbs would be moving to Oakland, California we were fearful of a decline in their copious output.  Luckily our fears were assailed when they announced TWO EPs (one being a collaborative release with fellow sludgsters The Body) and another full length entitled "Heathen" all to be put out this year!  How the fuck do you top that you say? By offering 2 of those 3 releases AND MORE for FREE download/donation, that's how!

Thou has expanded upon their previous form of delivery for their free wares by creating a Bandcamp page that features most of their albums and various digital compilations of their EPs and splits.  They've also provided a thematic link to the artwork of all their Bandcamp offerings by giving them all new matching albums covers (similar to the one for Heathen featured above.)  You can download for free but we highly suggest giving some sort of donation since its almost a crime to offer all these masterpieces gratis, or purchase one or all of their vinyl and CDs at the links below -GodzIL:

Download Here:

Buy Heathen Here:

Thou Website:

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