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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Goyim – Mock Ritual [Free Download]

Goyim traffic in the sort of blackened shoegaze that has become relatively popular of quite late. You may call it blackgaze or some other ridiculous subgenre name you wanna call it. This band is much more lo-fi and noisier than similar bands, even though the opening tracks, ‘Lovemaker’ and “Left Cheek’ display a kind of wistfulness underneath the noise. ‘Salvation Through Authority’ is a damn catch tune, almost like a feedback leaden punk-pop song with black metal vocals and a blaring drum machine. 

The track ‘The Weak Shall Inherit My Debt’ is probably the closest to a traditional black metal song. What emerges after listening to this is that it sounds like a noise musician found some bedroom black metal songs and decided to mutilate them and then stitch back together. Looking to hear more from this intriguing new band from Maine. ~P

Download Here: http://goyim.bandcamp.com/

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