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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Black Metal of the Americas Zine [Free Download]

Zines were a rarity even before the advent of the internet, so when print started to decline it would only make sense that the 'zines would be the first to go. However, much like the surge in popularity of vinyl with the coming of the MP3 it seems that zines are holding strong even in this age of free digital media.

Zines usually cover niche topics so it's only fitting that one concentrating on a sub-section of a sub-genre would surface; and so it is that we have the unholy birth of "Black Metal of the Americas." This Chicago based zine contains within its xeroxed pages reviews and interviews with the rising community of talented Black Metal artists from the US and Canada (and in the future Central & South America) and we dare say that it's not only the best zine on black metal, but the best metal zine out period. Few periodicals are as well written or in-depth as this little gem and they shine a black light on an oft-overlooked region of growing artists.

BMOTA has unique articles such as the influence of punk on metal and have already featured interviews with Deafheaven, Horseback, Lonesummer, Owlscry, Wrnlrd, Queen of Heathens, Bastard Sapling, Botanist, Merkaba and more and they are only on their fifth volume! They sell out quickly via Chicago stores such as Quimby's Bookstore and mainly through their Big Cartel page but luckily for us they offer digital downloads of the zines once they sell out! Download the first four volumes below and keep an eye on their Big Cartel page for new issues:


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