San Diego Comic Con International 2013 Panel Roundup - Idol Threat: Warning Shots at the Mainstream


Wednesday, July 31, 2013

San Diego Comic Con International 2013 Panel Roundup

This year's SDCC saw a host of movie and TV panels that revealed tons of new insights into upcoming features to the lucky fans that were able to attend. For those that couldn't attend we've rounded up a bunch of videos of full panels like the X-Files Anniversary Panel and Walking Dead panel! There's also news on upcoming Marvel movies such as X-Men Days of Future Past and Guardians of the Galaxy, what's in store for the last seasons of TV shows like Community and Breaking Bad, and attendees were even treated to exclusives such as a screening of the entire Pilot for ABC & Marvel's Agents of SHIELD! Possible the coolest attraction at the Con was SDCC and Legendary Picture's "Godzilla Encounter" in which fans got to walk around a destroyed Tokyo set and 'experience' exclusive video footage including life-sized silhouttes and sounds from the new Godzilla in a Universal Studios-styled walk through! Check out all the videos:

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