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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Qwel & Maker "Beautiful Raw" new album & Tour

Chicago duo Qwel & Maker released their newest album "Beautiful Raw" yesterday on Galapagos4 Records.  The two have been staples in the underground Hip Hop community for years and they remain one of the strongest MC/Producer combos since releasing their first full collaboration album "The Harvest" in 2004.  You can download their single "Long Walkers" and an album sampler mix for free at the links below. I suggest saying 'fuck it' to the free downloads and just buying the dam thing, the whole album is a banger. Plus all digital and CD purchases gets a free download of the instrumentals! You can also check out their remaining tour dates and the Long Walkers video after the jump. Idol Threat recommended.

Buy Here: https://www.galapagos4.com/

Download Long Walkers Single: Long Walkers Single

Download Album Sampler Mix: http://www.djnatural.com

Tour Dates:
5/08/2013 Albuquerque,NM / Burts
5/09/2013 Phoenix,AZ / Blunt club
5/10/2013 Tuscon,AZ / Plush
5/12/2013 Las Vegas , NV / Beauty Bar
5/14/2013 Flagstaff , AZ / Green Room
5/16/2013 Anaheim , CA / Mirror Image Studios
5/17/2013 Pomona , CA / Friar Tucks
5/18/2013 San Marcos , CA / Jumping Turtle
5/20/2013 Los Angeles,CA / Maker DJ set @ The Short Stop (MOM LA)
5/23/2013 Fresno , CA / Babylon
5/24/2013 Los Angeles,CA / The Airliner
5/25/2013 Modesto , CA / Heros
5/26/2013 San Francisco , CA / Bricks and Mortar
5/27/2013 San Jose, CA / Johnny V’s
5/28/2013 Medford, OR / Pub Ink
5/30/2013 Ft Collins,CO / Hodis Half Note
5/31/2013 Colorado Springs, CO / The Zodiac
6/01/2013 Denver,CO / Maker DJ set @The Solution (Meadowlark Bar)
6/02/2013 Denver,CO / Hi Dive

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