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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Minsk Ends 2 Year Hiatus

Peoria, IL psychedelic doom metal band Minsk are celebrating the 10 year anniversary of their very first show by ending their two-year hiatus.  The band includes in their ranks famed Chicago producer and member of Buried at Sea, Nachtmystium and Twilight; Sanford Parker.  Their last album "With Echoes in the Movement of Stone" was released in 2009 by Relapse Records.  Here's what Minsk had to say about finally ending their hiatus:

"Ten years ago today, we unleashed our musical interpretation of what it means to be alive upon a curious crowd at a rented American Legion hall in East Peoria, Illinois. And since then, this journey has contained immeasurable and indefinable experiences which have shaped all of us to the core. Ten years later, we are grateful to be continuing on the path. A little less than two years ago we made an announcement that Minsk would be going on an extended hiatus. The hiatus had to happen, and the hiatus had to end. And now we find ourselves again focused and moving forward, not a re-formation but a continuation.

Much has happened behind the scenes in the last year and a half. We have been busy writing, rehearsing, and preparing. We are elated to officially announce three exceptional additions to the Minsk family in Aaron Austin, Ryan Thomas, and Zachary Livingston.

Minsk will begin performing live again in early July with a handful of shows in the Midwest. Announcements on these shows will be forthcoming, with additional news of new releases, and the vinyl release of "With Echoes in the Movement of Stone."

We want to thank all of you for your support over the last decade. Your spirited words of encouragement have been quintessential in the empowerment of the Will. On this remarkable day, we celebrate what has been as our sights are fully set upon what shall be. Cheers!

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