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Friday, February 22, 2013

Busdriver - Arguments With Dreams [Free Download]

Busdriver is a rapper with plenty of lyrical skill and stamina, but his eclectic flows and abstract lyrics still make him more of an acquired taste to some people.  I wasn't a fan of his last full length Beaus$Eros but this latest release is definitely more digestible - so don't let my hesitation stop you from checking him out.  For those that are unfamiliar with this west coast MC think of Kool Keith's eccentric style mixed with Twista's rapid-fire mastery of rhythm and you may get an idea of what Bus sounds like.  Busdriver has always been weird but lately his releases have been getting more and more left field, injecting skittering drums, video game synths, IDM beats and building a sound that is all his own in the process.

The Project Blowed collective member has teamed up with Big Dada and is celebrating with a free EP entitled "Arguments with Dreams." He gets some help on this EP with haunting vocals from Terra Lopez, guest spots from now defunct duo Das Racist and his fellow Hellfyre Club members Open Mic Eagle and Nocando.  Busdriver is a proven underground vet with a vast back catalog of quality albums and this EP is a great introduction to that body of work.  To download your copy of 'Arguments With Dreams EP', just sign up to the Busdriver mailing list on the Big Dada Site below:

Download Here: http://bigdada.com/busdriver/


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