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Monday, September 19, 2011

Ray J Talks about his fight with Fabolous

Hahaha "talk" may be an understatement for the title, "rant" may have been more accurate! This interview is HILARIOUS! The R&B singer/Kardashian-fucker apparently had an altercation with NY rapper Fabolous at the Mayweather-Ortiz fight in Vegas over some words on Twitter (Twitter always seems to be fucking shit up for everyone!) Ray J called Los Angeles' Power 101.5 to clarify his side of the story. Fabolous may be a dope rapper but I had a crush on Ray J's sis Brandy when I was young so I'ma have to take his side on this one. He's soooo mad! ""All I'm saying is if you got Fab's number, tell that n*gga to send you a picture of his face right now!"

*update: Fabolous called Rap Radar for an Interview/response with DJ Clue. He basically says that Ray J didn't hit him and they didn't even fight, Fab says there was words and mussed up clothes but that was it. "This shit is more a war on drugs than it is war between Ray J and me. This nigga is high and coked up or on pills....he can do concerts in n*gga living room all he want..." Fab ends by saying he's gonna continue clownin on Twitter so follow him there if you want more:

Check it here: http://rapradar.com/

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