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Sunday, July 17, 2011

Read Planetary #1 Online for Free / Planetary Digital Omnibus only $24.99

In the pantheon of comic writers there are few in the last 20 years that rise above the rest and even fewer of their works make it to classic status. Warren Ellis is one such writer who managed to achieve the former while disproving the latter. He could have left the industry as a legend just after completing Transmetropolitan alone (a series centered around a futuristic Hunter S. Thompson -esque character named "Spider Jerusalem") but he didn't stop there. The man who invigorated The Authority and Hellblazer decided to go one further and give us the modern day comic classic Planetary. The series is too sublime to summarize but you can always see for yourself since DC/Wildstorm has seen it fit to give us free access to the first issue online. The series also contains, in my humble opinion, some of the best artwork of John Cassady's career. You can read issue #1 and then read and own the entire digitized 27 issue run for a mere $24.99. If you're not up on digital comic readers you should research, they're cheap and they save trees and shit. So you should read those formats to help save to world. But mostly you should do it because they're cheap, which is a boon in this day of fucking $4 comic books (and you can take them with you on your smart phones too!) Seriously read this issue, buy the series, be blown away.

Read Online for Free Here:
Planetary #1

Download the Entire Series Here: Planetary Digital Omnibus

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