Message Board Poster Hall of Fame #5 - Idol Threat: Warning Shots at the Mainstream


Monday, July 25, 2011

Message Board Poster Hall of Fame #5

"I know why bay area rap sucks so much nowadays

Drugs. People from the bay love drugs. They love using them

remember this is the same place where people thought it a good idea to step outside of their cars while theyre still moving"

-Kushington, Allhiphop Ill Community board

Wow, I almost completely forgot about this segment! This was posted in a thread about the recent V-Nasty controversy in reference to V-Nasty being a Bay area resident. A couple of posters were commenting that the Bay Area is looking like clowns for not checking V-Nasty and her crew. I can't co-sign any of this since I have some peeps in the Bay but I still think the quote was funny as hell.

And from the same thread in reference to V-Nasty's use of the "N-word"

"I dont care if the bitch got a stomach full of negro semen and 20 half breed babies, she dont need to use that...."

- bigrizz

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