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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

No Anchor: Real Pain Supernova

Here's some more free radness from J. Randall's Grindcore Karaoke bandcamp label, except this time he brings it in the form of some crushing doom from Australian band No Anchor. Their album "Real Pain Supernova" (probably a nod to the Oasis song entitled Champagne Supernova) contains some excellent mid-paced sludge filled with cavernous, throat shredding vocals and has a real nice organic sound to the production. All in all this is a great addition to Grindcore Karaoke's growing roster of quality bands. It seems that they're still sticking with the free digital release format which is great for the fans and great promotion for the bands but must be hell on Randall's pockets. I don't know how he does it but you'll hear no complaints on my end. Just make sure to do your best to spread the word and support the bands when you can. I'm not sure how much shipping is or if it's already included in the price but you can order the 2LP vinyl edition of this album from the band directly. There's only 125 copies available worldwide and it includes a vinyl-only bonus track. Enjoy.

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