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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Neck Face and Isaiah Seret - Born Under a Bad Sign [Trailer]

Neck Face is a famous street/graffiti artist and skateboarder (he is currently the Art Director for Baker Skateboards) who is based in California. His child-like and macabre work seems to be heavily influenced by outsider art and heavy metal; in fact he cites King Diamond and Freddy Krueger as some of his influences. He often works with watercolor and his shows have also featured large, sharp metal and paper mache masks (which he sometimes wears) and various life-sized sculptures. He is infamous for his creative and often humorous vandalism of billboards & storefront signs and also for managing to keep his identity a secret, much like his fellow street artist Banksy.

Neck Face and filmmaker Isaiah Seret recently created a film for MOCA, The Museum of Contemporary Art, in Los Angeles. You would expect the film to be some sort of documentary about Neck Face's art but instead it seems to be a grindhouse-esque martial arts movie starring Neck Face. Isaiah describes it on his site as a horror/action/supervillain flick. The premiere of the trailer and a sneak peak at the full film was presented by the Levi’s Film Workshop (a temporary venue in Los Angeles that offers film-making equipment and resources for free) at the MOCA and the whole film was shot inside the MOCA itself. The full film is expected to be out by the end of the summer, for now enjoy the trailer below. [Big thanks to Hoodrich of Code of Conduct for the heads up.]

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