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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Utech Records Music Festival 2011/Free Label Sampler

Move over Milwaukee Summerfest, there's a new festival in town! If you're a fan of noise, drone or experimental music and you're in or near the Wisconsin area in June there is no reason for you to miss the first annual Utech Records Music Festival. Utech Records has been putting out quality releases from amazing artists such as Horseback, Gog, Nadja, Mammifer & House of Low Culture (both of which includes Aaron Turner of defunct band Isis) Chicago's Locrian and legends such as Lasse Marhaug and James Plotkin. Horseback and Locrian in particular have been causing quite a buzz the past couple of years due to their unique blends of black metal, drone & noise.

The 11 act lineup (including all the US-based groups previously mentioned) plays at the Cactus Club in Milwaukee on June 11th so if you're at least within a 2 hour drive of that place (Chicago I'm looking at you) you should definitely make the trek out there. As a bonus three NEW RELEASES will be for sale June 11 exclusively at the festival; you can pick up Ithi "The Persistence of Meaning," Gog/William Fowler Collins "Malpais," and Horseback/Locrian "New Dominions" or wait until June 18 to get them online. If you need more convincing or if you just want good free music you can download the huge Utech Records Sampler below. Slowgasm.

Download here:
Utech Records Sampler (133MB)

More Info Here: http://www.utechrecords.com/URMF.html

Utech Records Music Festival
June 11, 2011 7:00 pm

2496 S Wentworth Ave
Milwaukee, WI 53207

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  1. This truly is awful "music". However, we should always try to find a positive or learn a lesson and here is what I take away. Parents: Please do not praise your kids for every silly thing they do and tell them how unique and creative they are when, they are in fact, not. Push, encourage to do better, teach, instruct, etc and when it's time, be realistic. This is an album made by people who's parents should have encouraged them to get real jobs.