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Sunday, March 27, 2011

Ten Suicides at Reckless Records 6/20/10 [Video]

Ten Suicides at Reckless Records (6/20/10) from Bullart. on Vimeo.

Was so bummed that I missed this last year, Eyehategod & Bloodyminded together? Insane. Luckily I just found the video. It's currently almost 4 in the morning and I can't sleep, so this is exactly what I needed right now. Plus I just saw Godspeed You! Black Emperor perform and I got a peanut butter Twix. Best night ever. The official description pretty much says it all:

"Between a two night stand at The Empty Bottle in Chicago, members of Eyehategod collaborated with members of Bloodyminded on a 20 minute noise/power electronics set. This collaboration can be traced back to when Mike Williams contributed vocals to a track on Bloodyminded's Gift Givers album entitled "Ten Suicides". As of recently, Mike Williams put out a 7" with a remixed version of this track, as well as another track, on Chrome Peeler Records. The collaboration is essentially a long, new rendition of the "Ten Suicides" track, hence the name.

This collaboration took place at the Reckless Records on Milwaukee Avenue and features Mike Williams, Mark Solotroff, Joey LaCaze, Isidro Reyes, James Moy, and Ryan McKern."

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