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Friday, December 10, 2010

The Artifacts Reunite, Talk Reunion Tour

That's right you heard correctly, The Artifacts have decided to reunite after a couple of performances including one at the closing of the FAT BEATS Store in L.A. For those that are unfamiliar The Artifacts is a Hip Hop duo from New Jersey that burst into the scene in the mid 90s with the grafitti writers anthem Wrong Side of Da Tracks. El Da Sensei and Tame One's innate chemistry and hard-as-fuck production by Buckwild of the legendary Diggin in the Crates crew and T-Ray from the Soul Assassins collective made their debut album "Between a Rock and a Hard Place" an instant classic. Hopefully full details for the tour will surface soon but for now check the interview from

"The Artifacts were a thing of the past — a part of underground hip-hop history. Known for their two albums, 1994’s Between a Rock and a Hard Place and 1997’s That’s Them (and their biggest hit, “Wrong Side of Da Tracks”), the Newark-based duo split up in 1998. El Da Sensei and Tame One continued their careers as solo artists.

The breakup wasn’t bitter; they just decided to record separately. A little over two years ago, however, at the Rock Steady Crew’s 31st anniversary party, they found themselves together on stage again, and they really liked it. They performed together again at the Rock Steady Crew’s 33rd anniversary show and at the closing week of the legendary hip-hop record store Fat Beats in L.A. Something became apparent to both of them — it was time to bring The Artifacts back.

“The current state of the music game made us want to try to make a difference somehow,” says Tame One. “Neither of us wanted our past to just be for nothing.”
El Da Sensei adds, “[Y]ou only have so many chances to do certain things.”

They decided the first step in their reuniting would be a tour. “We wanted everybody to know it was real,” Tame One explains. “Rather than having people just thinking it was a rumor we hit the show circuit to show them, to make it live. It’s different than ‘Oh, I heard they got back together.’ No, ‘I saw them at a club rockin.’”

“A lot of people have never seen us live,” says El Da Sensei. “They only know the vinyl, they only know the YouTube videos and stuff like that. We had to introduce ourselves again just to reinforce what we started and get the new cats to know this is what we did, but we also have some new music coming.”

The next stage they’ll be rocking is the one at the Acoustic Cafe in Bridgeport on Dec. 11, as a part of Foul Mouth Jerk’s album release show.

From their recent time on stage together, both Tame One and El Da Sensei have noticed they’ve changed a bit as artists. According to Tame One, “We both got better, and whatever chemistry we had that made people want to see us in the first place, there’s more of that, but there’s growth, it shows some progression.”

What The Artifacts will sound like when they start recording new songs is a mystery even to them, El Da Sensei says. “I don’t even know what it’s gonna sound like, but I know it’s gonna sound hot.” He added, “I’m more excited than anything to see how everything is gonna turn out.”

There’s currently no timetable for a new Artifacts album. Tame One says the duo have a strict rule about releasing work: “We will sell no rhymes before it’s time.”

In the meantime they plan to leave no stages unrocked as they tour the country and show audiences nationwide what the Artifacts were, and still are, all about."

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