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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Decibel Magazine To Have Monthly Exclusive Flexi Discs Vinyl In 2011

HOLY SHIT, DECIBEL (Americas only Monthly Metal Magazine) is now going to offer FREE monthly Flexi Discs with their subscriptions!!!! I can't believe they're bringing those back-am I the only one old enough to remember these things? Flexi Discs were these cool super thin vinyl discs that sometimes came in magazines or were used for really cheap childrens records. They usually came in a square that you could "pop out" the vinyl from. Not only is this this free with each issue, but each disc will have EXCLUSIVE material not found anywhere else! And the first disc is from Grindcore legends BRUTAL TRUTH!!! This just made this magazine even greater and is another reason why it's still the ONLY magazine I subscribe to. If you listen to metal music there is no reason not to subscribe to this magazine, ignore the stupid hipster tag that some people attach to it and support this publication! Some select indy locations will have the magazines with the Flexi Discs but subscribing is the only way to get them for sure, check after the jump below for the announcement from and a link to subscribe, GO GO GO!!!:

"So. If you don’t already have a subscription to Decibel, now would be a good time to get off your lazy ass and get one. Starting with the January 2011 issue, the only metal magazine worth a damn anymore is going to include a flexi disc — that’s a super-thin vinyl record to you, numb nuts — each and every month. No joke: Decibel is going to include a free vinyl every fucking month. Holy shit, that’s awesome.

Even awesomer: according to the press release announcing the new feature, the discs will contain “100 percent exclusive songs,” including “previously unreleased tracks, covers, live brutality, demos, alternate takes, re-recordings and more.” In other words, you won’t be able to get this music any place else.

And because it’s Decibel, they’re not dicking around… the inaugural flexi disc comes from Brutal Truth. BRUTAL FUCKING TRUTH. Exclusive music. On vinyl. The mind boggles.

A limited number of discs will be included with issues of Decibel sold at indie record stores and their webstore, but the only way to ensure that you get these flexi discs is to subscribe. A six month subscription is about fifteen bucks, a one year subscription is about thirty bucks, and a two year subscription is about forty-five bucks. For a monthly flexi disc of exclusive, awesome music from killer bands like Brutal Truth AND the new issue of Decibel, that deal is pretty much unbeatable. So stop reading this and go subscribe now."

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