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Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Crucial Blast - BLASTWAVE X: 2010 Compendium [FREE]

Cheese and crackers this is a huge comp! Crucial Blast is offering a compilation of tracks by the artists on their label to celebrate their 10 year anniversary and they didn’t cut any corners to do it! A whopping 54 tracks is what you get FOR FREE thanks to the extreme metal label so don’t hesitate to click the link. There’s a TON of great artists on this comp but I recommend the tracks by prolific drone duo Nadja, noise legends Skullflower, noise rock band Black Elk, the ambient solo works from Pig Destroyer guitarist Scott Hull, and the tracks by “Gnaw Their Tongues” (not to be confused with the new post-Khanate band 'Gnaw' who I also recommend you check out.) Gnaw's combination of noise/black metal/evil is one of the most abrasive stuff I’ve ever heard. Check the press release below and take a look at the jump for the complete tracklisting:

"After ten years of exploring the outer fringes of extreme underground music, CRUCIAL BLAST has amassed a considerable catalog of titles from such reknowned artists as GENGHIS TRON, WEEDEATER, SKULLFLOWER, GNAW THEIR TONGUES, TOTIMOSHI, MONARCH!, SCOTT HULL, SUBARACHNOID SPACE, NADJA, BEHOLD... THE ARCTOPUS, and more, spanning the realms of avant-grind, black industrial, sludgecore, extreme doom, brutal prog, and heavy psych. In commemoration of the label's ten year existence marked by the arrival of 2010, we have assembled a massive digital compilation that features over fifty tracks from our catalog of artists and releases, as well as unreleased tracks from some of our upcoming 2010 releases and exclusive material from black metal/industrial terrorizers NEKRASOV, cavernous black orchestral drone demons ROBE, the dystopian industrial deathdub of LYCANTHROPIC WARHEAD, and a blistering assault of blackened synth dread from THEOLOGIAN."


Crucial Blast website:

01. GNAW THEIR TONGUES Sawn Asunder and Left for the Beasts From the An Epiphanic Vomiting Of Blood CD/CS/DIGITAL
02. FISTULA The Basilisk From the Burmese/Fistula split CD
03. BLACK ELK She Pulled Machete From the Always A Six, Never A Nine CD/DIGITAL
04. SKULLFLOWER Black Rabbit From the IIIrd Gatekeeper CD/DIGITAL
05. UNHOLY GRAVE After The Bloodbath From the Not Without A Fight 2xCD compilation
06. YEAR OF NO LIGHT Par Économie Pendant La Crise On From the Nord CD/DIGITAL
07. MARAX Returning To Rust From the Veil Of The Black Sanguinarian CDR/DIGITAL
08. JUMBOS KILLCRANE Locust Blanket From the The Slow Decay CD/DIGITAL
09. THE GOSLINGS Statuette From the Spaceheater/Perfect Interior CD/DIGITAL
10. EARWIGS Megatron Locust Invasion From the Dataclast/Earwigs split CD
11. GEISHA A Wilderness, Except by Sight From the Die Verbrechen Der Liebe CD
12. SOUVENIRS YOUNG AMERICA Invocation in the Caldera From the An Ocean Without Water CD/LP/DIGITAL
13. KORPERSCHWACHE Red Wind From the Broken Blades Of Steel Scattered Across The Narrow Way CDR/DIGITAL
14. BURMESE Spill My Fuck From the Burmese/Fistula split CD
15. SAMUS Who's Pumping Estrada From the Desengano CD/DIGITAL
16. SKULLFLOWER Void of Roses From the Tribulation CD/DIGITAL
17. GENGHIS TRON Arms From the Cloak Of Love CD/DIGITAL
18. BLACK ROLLER CROP ROTATION Prayers from the Rotten Soil From the Prayers from the Rotten Soil CDR/DIGITAL
19. ACROSS TUNDRAS Cosmic Retribution From the Dark Songs Of The Prairie CD/DIGITAL
20. WETHER Cloven Hoofed Priest From the Uncertain Ritual CDR/DIGITAL
21. MICROWAVES Codex Vortex From the Contagion Heuristic CD/DIGITAL
22. HAISHA Loser From the Haisha/Mizuko split CD
23. NADJA Affective Fields From the Desire In Uneasiness CD/DIGITAL
24. TOTIMOSHI Cellophane From the Mysterioso CD/DIGITAL
25. THE HUMAN QUENA ORCHESTRA Denial (part I) From the Politics Of The Irredeemable CD/DIGITAL
26. SUBARACHNOID SPACE Lilith From the Eight Bells CD/DIGITAL
27. NOISM Yesism From the +/- CD/DIGITAL
28. SORC'HENN Leka met elden From the Faro: Death Of The Island Sheeps CDR/DIGITAL
29. SOIHADTOSHOOTHIM Chausson Chansson From the Alpha Males & Popular Girls CD/DIGITAL
30. GREY DATURAS My Sciatica From the Dead In The Woods CD/DIGITAL
31. THE MASS This Is Your Final Dream From Perfect Picture Of Wisdom And Boldness CD
32. UNEARTHLY TRANCE Scarlet From the Record Of Shadows Infinite compilation CD
33. SUZUKITON Rogue Mechanica From the Service Repair Handbook CD/DIGITAL
34. AUN Consumed By Flies From the Multigone CDR/DIGITAL
35. SKULLFLOWER Annihilating Angel From the Orange Canyon Mind CD/DIGITAL
36. GEISHA Bondage Death From the Monde Del'Orrore CD/DIGITAL
37. NEKRASOV Disillusion From the upcoming album IV CD/DIGITAL
38. JUMBOS KILLCRANE Gasmouth From the Carnivale De Carne CD
39. LUASA RAELON Gravitational Pull From the Into The Void CDR/DIGITAL
40. HEDORAH Hyperbolean From the Collected CDR/DIGITAL
41. THEOLOGIAN II (unreleased - from the Charting The Schism EP)
42. BACTERIA CULT Mastication From the Soulless Solace CDR/DIGITAL
43. ALL IS SUFFERING Mauthausen From the The Past: Vindictive Sadisms Of Petty Bureaucrats CD (out of print)
44. WEEDEATER Potbelly From the Sixteen Tons CD
45. DATACLAST Pull of the Culture From the Dataclast/Earwigs split CD
46. ENCOMIAST Pumpkin From the Bathed In Sunlight CDR/DIGITAL
47. MIZUKO Razing The Sky From the Haisha/Mizuko split CD
48. WHOURKR Slaagt From the Concrete CD/DIGITAL
49. WILDILDLIFE Things Will Grow From the Six CD/DIGITAL
50. THE MASS Trapped Under a Ice From the City Of Dis CD
51. YES, COLLAPSE Untitled From the Final Diagnosis CDR/DIGITAL
52. ROBE. Vacant (previously unreleased exclusive track)
53. GNAW THEIR TONGUES My Orifices Await Ravaging From the Dread Magnificence Of Perversity CD/CS/DIGITAL
54. LYCANTHROPIC WARHEAD Vexator (unreleased)

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