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Saturday, October 09, 2010

Trash Talk - Free Sampler

I should really be sleeping right now but fuck it, I figured I'd make these quick couple of posts. I just saw these guys open up for Envy tonight at Reggie's Rock Club. I had heard nothing from Trash Talk prior to the show, I've only heard "of" them, and they managed to surprise me with their energetic performance. Apparently they're pretty big in the underground circles right now and the Sacramento, California Quartet has been popping up on tours with Gallows & Fucked up, in a FuelTV appearance, on the cover of Fader magazine and they've even recorded with Chicago's own Steve Albini. They're a little bit of sludge, a little bit of thrash, a little bit of grindcore but they're also 100% hardcore. For your convenience I've put together a sampler of the 4 songs they have for free download on their website, you can find the link after a video from their 2009 Knitting Factory performance. Their newest album "Eyes & Nines" is out now but I recommend picking up "Shames" which compiles their self-titled album and three 7 inch releases.

Download Sampler Here: Trash Talk Sampler

Trash Talk Website:

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