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Thursday, October 07, 2010

The Kid Daytona - Come Fly With Me [Free Download]

This is a little old but it's a solid release and I've been anticipating his upcoming LP "Interlude" after seeing a video of him and 9th Wonder working on a track. The concept for their track is interesting, it seems like 9th wanted to make this track with all his favorite producer's interludes in mind and somehow incorporating them into the beat. Or at least that's how I took it, I had a concept once of making an entire mixtape with beats all looped from people's interlude beats (all the ones Madlib did alone in the past couple of years could make an album's worth of material.) But I digress...

I've heard Kid Daytona on a couple of mixtapes and guest appearances here and there and he never really stuck out to me. He had a unique voice but he seemed more like someone best suited to be in a group paired with another contrasting, more lyrical MC instead of being in the spotlight himself. That opinion changed when I heard this mixtape, particularly the track he did with Bun B and produced by 6th Sense called "Air Born." The steel drum sampled, drunkenly slow beast of a track was perfect for Bun B and showcased Kid Daytona's flow nicely. He's improved alot since his "A Tribe Called Fresh" and
"Daytona 500" mixtapes and you can definitely hear his growth in this release and the tracks he's been releasing of late. If he continues at this rate Interlude may become his magnum opus. Download "Come Fly With Me" below and check the video for "Air Born."

Download Here: The Kid Daytona - Come Fly With Me

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