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Wednesday, September 08, 2010

These Monsters News + FREE Downloads

So the blokes from These Monsters are at it again, they've ALREADY finished writing their new album and will begin recording soon! These Monsters have also finally released their 2005 EP (which is apparently now titled "...are ruining our children's lives") in Japan. This EP was my introduction to the band waaaaaay back when a friend of a friend found them on Myspace and is my favorite release from the band. The saxophone on the EP has a jazzier more classical feel than on their latest release, the tracks were more ethereal and they were all instrumental. Even today the tracks still sound as haunting and epic as they did years ago. It's being distributed in Japan through Zankyo Records and is expanded with various live tracks. You can download some free tracks from that release as well as a couple of tracks from their latest release "Call Me Dragon" on their website. Chzeck the lzinks below:

Download FREE tracks & Listen to the EP Here: Free These Monsters Tracks

Order the Japan Version of the CD here: 2005 EP (Expanded)

Buy Call Me Dragon on iTunes: These Monsters - Call Me Dragon

These Monsters Myspace:

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