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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bruce Lamont's (Yakuza) Top 5 Restaurants In Chicago

Bruce Lamont is the lead singer/sax player for Chicago metal band Yakuza and a member of the band Bloodiest. These are his top five places to eat in Chicago as seen on the Deciblog:

5. Irazu Costa Rican food. Good and cheap. Plantains, oatmeal shakes and veggie taco boats!

4. Kuma's Yes, the burgers rule, the staff rules, but the two-and-half hour wait does not. Regardless when you get a spot at the bar or a table I still love to watch yuppies squirm when Goatwhore gets blasted over the speakers while eating.

3. Big Star So the owners of this somewhat swanky joint go into the heart of Pilsen and gather up a family to do their homemade tortillas while the meats they use are marinated like no other. Guacamole could be the best in town. They have a late night to-go window as well.

2. Vito and Nick's (honorable mention "Coalfire").Chicago pizza: a highly debated subject both with local residents and with folks from other parts of the world. Here is the deal once and for all; the Southside of the city has the best pizza hands down. Cracker thin crust, not a ton of cheese, sauce is not super sweet and has plenty of black pepper and oregano andYES it’s cut in mother fucking squares. Vito and Nicks is a great example of Chi-Pizza done right. Coalfire is a New England Brick oven-style (not Chi-style) and is one of the best offerings on the Northside. Eat it up.

1. Sultan's Market Falafel, shawarma, hummus and a killer salad bar. This is my go to place 4-5 days a week.

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  1. He should learn to cook! How much money can you make, splitting per diems with Yakuza??

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