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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Actual Proof – The Free EP (FreEP)

Sooooooooo I’m a little late with posting the rest of the 9th Wonder-related stuff but there’s one good thing to come from it; you’ll now be getting a full release from these guys instead of the couple of songs I was originally going to post. Actual Proof is a dope trio hailing from North Carolina who are the latest to come from 9th Wonder’s Jamla/The Academy label. Awhile back I posted some free music from Rapsody who is another artist hailing from NC and the Jamla/The Academy label. Chances are if you liked her stuff then you’ll definitely dig Act Proof, their flows are similar and their production have that 9th-tinged sound to it that matches them perfectly. They currently have a Free EP out (although since it clocks in at 11 tracks I’d personally consider this a full album) which you’ll find the download link for below after the video. These guys are real cool peoples and real down to earth and mellow and their music reflects that as well. There’s not much more I can say about them that their bio can’t say better so I’ll leave ya’ll with that, the video for their song "Genius" and the FreEP:

"Being raised in the projects, streets, or trailer parks have historically laid the foundation for dope emceeism. We now have Actual Proof that epic beats, lyrical acuity, and unique style knows no geographical limits. This trio consists of three beatmakers and two emcees, raised in Raleigh, North Carolina and bred on classic soul, funk, jazz, and hip hop. Producers Amp and Sundown founded Actual Proof as a production team- a crew of beatmakers who did it for the love of the music. "We combine musical genres of hip hop, soul, R&B, and jazz into our own unique style," says Amp. His sound is an epic one- he masterfully mixes the simple drama of all the genres that the Actual Proof sound is influenced by. Enigma, Amp’s younger brother, was a student at N.C. Central University and all three would visit 9th Wonder's Hip Hop in Context course on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

During a conversation after class, 9th found out they were major Talib Kweli fans and invited them to a free Kweli show in Brooklyn. “If y’all can get there, y’all can roll,” 9th told them. Sundown described the experience as “surreal.” “We stood up in bassline studios, met Kweli, Buckshot, the staff at Duck Down, Marco Polo, Young Guru...” He says of 9th, “He was our hero. Right before we met him, me and Amp were like, let's stop making beats.” Which would have proved to be the last thing that they should've done. Actual Proof has rocked the stage with artists like Big Daddy Kane and Nice & Smooth, and they plan to keep rocking stages, record stores, and the internet with their distinct brand of hip hop style. "I'm hoping that with hard work, dedication, drive...and dope music, Actual Proof can make some noise," Enigma says."

Download the FREE EP here: Actual Proof – The Free EP (FreEP)

Actual Proof Myspace:

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