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Friday, August 06, 2010

Robotic Empire: Free Label Sampler 2k10

I was prowling the Robotic Empire site for Thou releases and shirts when I came across their 2010 Sampler. Robotic Empire is an underground Metal/Hardcore label and distro that has a ton of quality releases under their belt such as the aforementioned Thou releases, the massive Floor Below & Beyond Box Set, and an insane USB Bracelet full of MIDI versions of songs from Chicago grindcore outfit Hewhocorrupts. You’ll find all that and more on this free sampler (check the sweet live version of Young Widow’s song “Lucky and Hardheaded.”) This will be a great way to kick off your weekend and check their site if you like their stuff, they have really reasonable prices and great shipping rates. Download link after the tracklist below:

1.) BAD SECRETS - Go and Leave
Originally from Robo 087, Self-Titled 9"+CD
2.) NEON BASTARD - Steven Tyler
Opening track on Robo 090, Meikhaus CD
3.) FLOOR - Downed Star
From Robo 084, Below & Beyond Deluxe Box Set or 8xCD set
4.) VANESSA VAN BASTEN - Fuck the Best, Take the Rest (teaser)
5.) TIDELAND - Braindead on the Interstate
Opening track from Robo 095
6.) YOUNG WIDOWS - Lucky and Hardheaded (live)
Originally from Robo 97, Live Radio Performance April 6, 2009
7.) CAPSULE - Just Three Lines
Originally from a tour-only CD, then from a digital-only release, now also from Robo 094
8.) DIAL - Sweating
Originally from Robo 088, Self-Titled CDep
9.) HEWHOCORRUPTS - Sell em All (MIDI)
From Robo 076, Midi of Profits USB Bracelet
10.) THOU - By Every Hand Betrayed
From Robo 089, Baton Rouge, You Have Much To Answer For 12" and cassette
11.) BATTLEMASTER - Death is a Warm Cube
From Universe #2, split 7" with INTER ARMA
12.) MEDUSA - Mediatrix
From RoboTape05, En Raga Sul Cassette
13.) EMPLOYER, EMPLOYEE - Nil or the Nile
Originally from Robo 008, sic[sic] CD, now from forthcoming Robo 048, Discography 12"
14.) FLOOR - On the Money
Late-era demo from Robo 084, Below & Beyond Deluxe Box Set or 8xCD set
15.) ENEMY SOIL - My Religion
Originally from Fractured Theology 3" miniCD
16.) INTER ARMA - 2000 Years
From Universe #3, Sundown 12".
17.) TIDELAND - Crash
Saddest track from Robo 095, Asleep In The Graveyard 12"
18.) VANESSA VAN BASTEN - Domio '95
From forthcoming Robo 078, Closer to the Small/Dark/Door. Available October 5th

Download the Sampler Here: Robotic Empire - Free Label Sampler 2k10

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