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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Mike Schpitz - Mike Murder [Free Download]

I'm a little late with posting this mixtape but you know what they say, better late than - who gives a fuck. Mike Schpitz (real name Mike Jones, not used for obvious reasons) is a Chicago MC transplant from Topeka "Top City" Kansas and he's been making noise for quite some time now. I have to admit I was quite surprised when I first heard him live, I've heard too many a MC hyped by people only to be disappointed when I finally hear them but this wasn't the case for Mr. Schiptz. He was refreshing and lyrical, two qualities that I rarely find in rappers nowadays let alone from one person.

When he was formerly known as "Lovejones" he came off as an east coast lyricist tempered with west coast mellowness which worked well with the soulful beats of his releases such as "Sunday Drive," his collaboration with producer Phys Edison. I remember liking his MC name alot and was confused when he switched it to Mike Schiptz, but his recent name change makes a lot more sense after hearing the tracks on his recent release "Mike Murder." He's still laid back and still has that smooth syncopation in his flow but this mixtape is definitely about murdering the beats and spittin.

Mike chose a good selection of industry beats to rap over on this release and just straight goes in on most of them, with most of these 10 tracks not even having any hooks or breaks in them. If you like this mixtape you should head over to iTunes and buy his brand new EP "Stanley Ipkiss: Year of the Nice Guy" which is out now. Download link after the tracklist below:

Download Here: Mike Schpitz - Mike Murder at DJBooth.net

Website: http://mikeschpitz.com/

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