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Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Bastard Noise "A Culture of Monsters" Tour/Live at Ronny's in Chicago Review

I know this post is a little late (like most of the posts I intend to put up) but after seeing the Bastard Noise live last night I would be remiss if I failed to urge anyone who is able to attend one of their shows. Any show by the Bastard Noise (offshoot of legendary powerviolence band Man is the Bastard) would normally be a big deal but this particular tour was highly anticipated for a different reason. Their recent releases has seen the power electronics/noise group return somewhat to their powerviolence roots and more traditional instrumentation, making this incarnation the closest thing to seeing Man is the Bastard live again.

There was no other bands touring with Bastard Noise which left slots free for local opening acts, with spots for the Chicago date being filled by
Sea of Shit, noise group Winters In Osaka, and Seventh Rule’s own Millions. Sea of Shit was a fitting choice to open for former members of Man is the Bastard since they count the band as one of their major influences, and Winter In Osaka’s multi-manned noise set left me wanting more and also disappointed in their lack of merch. The stuffy, humid heat and claustrophobic confines of the venue forced me to take a breather during most of Millions set as I walked to the nearby 7-11 for a non-alcoholic drink and ice cream (yeah that’s right, fucking ice cream. I wouldn’t have been able to last long chugging Jack Daniels and Hamms if I’m dehydrated from swamp ass and ball sweat.)

Bastard Noise took quite a while to set up, and for good reason - their set was plagued with sound issues right from the start. Even though I was in the front row I was not able to hear any of the Noise elements unless the drums and the bass weren’t playing and there was constant feedback and a near absent vocal mic presence as well. Despite these setbacks they performed an exhilarating set with nothing but a bass, drums and a guest (whose name escapes me at the moment) sitting in for noise duties. I was situated right in front of bass virtuoso Eric Wood and I watched in awe as he proceeded to produce riffs from his bass that astonished guitar nerds and layman alike.
Somehow in-between all this frenetic bass madness he was still able to be the most gracious person I’ve ever witnessed as he tried desperately to coerce the soundman to provide a decent mix. Nevertheless The Bastard Noise marched on, their jazzy drumming and bass making them sound like a sludgy/metal version of the Minutemen, and spirits was high all the way until they announced their last song - adding that they would play more songs for us if they knew any more. All in all I left satisfied in knowing that even though I never saw Man is the Bastard live I was able to see this performance.

ACOM / PINCERS' MOVEMENT from J. Randall on Vimeo.

Remaining Bastard Noise Tour Dates:
July, 8 THE TURF CLUB, St. Paul, Minnesota w/ Scaphe,Cock E.S.P.
July, 9 MIX TAPES, Moline, Illinois w/ Wolf Eyes,Wet Hair
July, 10 THE BOURBON THEATRE, Lincoln, Nebraska w/ Wasteoid,Violator X
July, 11 RHINOCEROPOLIS, Denver, Colorado w/ Demogorgon + Crawl
July, 16 THE BLVD., Los Angeles, California w/ PLUTOCRACY, LACK OF INTEREST, PROGERIA, etc.

Bastard Noise Website:

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