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Monday, May 03, 2010

Unreleased GI Joe X New Era Snake Eyes "Visor" Fitted

Damn I don’t know why the powers that be decided not to release this fitted cap. New Era released some GI Joe themed hats in conjunction with the shitty GI Joe movie released last year. I copped the clean black hat with the red Cobra logo last year but I almost certainly would have picked this up too or instead of the Cobra one. All the 80’s babies would have eaten this up, hopefully they decide to eventually put that cap into production. Strictly Fitteds reported that there’s rumored to be only 5 of these caps in existence. The front features Snake Eyes’ iconic visor that wraps around to the sides a little, with the 63rd hexagram of the iChing used as the symbol for Snake Eyes/Storm Shadow’s clan (which represents climax or completion) found on the back. There’s also a sick ass print of Snake Eyes’ dog “Timber” lining the inside of the cap. You can drool over the rest of the images after the jump:

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