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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Listen to Harvey Milk's "A Small Turn Of Human Kindness"

So the day has finally come (or will come next week.) The new album from Harvey Milk, "A Small Turn Of Human Kindness," comes out everywhere on Tuesday 5/18/10. I enjoyed their last album "Life...the Best Game in Town" and it even made it to my year end list, but it was by far not my favorite Harvey Milk album. In fact it may have been my least, which says a lot for the band if my least favorite album of theirs is still better than most of the albums released that year. I like all facets of Harvey Milk but I enjoy the tortuous, extremely slow, 'almost-too-difficult-to-listen-to' Harvey Milk that produced the "My Love is Higher..." and "Courtesy And Good Will Toward Men" albums. And I'm happy to say for myself and the other fans of those albums that this new one is a return to form and may turn out to be just as good as it's 'heavy as hell, slow as fuck' predecessors.

Like I mentioned in my review of the re-release for their Self-Titled Album, A Small Turn Of Human Kindness could (and probably should) be listened to straight through since all the songs basically bleed into each other and form a suite of sorts.
This particular 'suite' just happens to be narrated by a man with the voice of an erupting volcano. There's even a piano passage that made it into the album. All in all this is another "highly recommended" album and a must-buy on Tuesday. You can stream the entire album courtesy of awesome radio station NPR below where you'll also find links to cop the album:

Stream here: Listen to "A Small Turn Of Human Kindness" at NPR

Pre-order the New Album Here: Harvey Milk Hydra Head Store

Or Buy the MP3 Album on 5/18 here: "A Small Turn Of Human Kindness" at Amazon


  1. My pledge dollars helped pay for that stream! This does NOT sound like an NPR album. Holy shit. I wonder if they'll start using it for their news segueways.

  2. It's going to be the new Car Talk jingle. The entire album.