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Monday, May 17, 2010

Jay Electronica, 9th Prince, DJ Kay Slay "Beef" Update

Last week I made a post about this Twitter beef 9th Prince was starting with Jay Electronica over some comments he made about The RZA. DJ Kay Slay also took some offense to what Jay was saying in the interview and made his own comments via Twitter. It seems that from the above Twitter post that Kay Slay and Jay Electronica have squashed their "beef" peacefully. 9th Prince however seems to still be taking minor shots at Jay via his Twitter.

For those that are curious I've found the video interview in question that started all this mess. After seeing the video for myself I can see why people would be upset, although he very clearly voiced his respect for RZA it all did verge on being disrespectful (especially the part about leaving people dead in dumpsters.) It was almost like all those people that start off saying "no disrespect" but use that as an excuse to say the most disrespectful thing. Since neither I nor Jay Electronica himself knows where he heard RZA say those comments we can only speculate on what RZA said and the tone in which he said it - and so far RZA has remained quiet during this whole debacle (and RZA is NOT from Ohio according to the Wu.)

Jay almost comes off like he's still angry in this video interview (which you can see below) and I got to admit that I still get a slightly disrespectful tone coming from him despite what he says. Shouldn't he have an album out by now btw? Whatever, hopefully this all marks the end of this "non-beef" and people can get back to making music.

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