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Thursday, May 13, 2010

9th Prince of Killarmy Has Beef with Jay Electronica?

It seems people just don't want to leave Jay Electronica alone. I usually don't get too into all the Twitter antics that goes on but I wanted to post this one because I thought it was pretty amusing. I saw Just Blaze re-Tweet the above post from 9th Prince and saw that 9th has been goin at this all morning. According to 9th Prince's Twitter he claims that Jay Electronica is saying that the RZA is from Ohio and apparently that was enough to piss 9th Prince off. Luckily 9th Prince just so happens to have a new album out now that he can provide as proof to his above Twitter statement.

I haven't heard what Jay Electronica said about this Ohio thing but if he did say something he may have been confused by the fact that the RZA and some of the other members of Wu-Tang spent time in Ohio way back in the day, and a few members of Killarmy are from Ohio. In 9th's defense the RZA is his older brother and so it's understandable if he's quick to defend anything that may be deemed as an attack. The first two Killarmy albums was my shit way back when and I've enjoyed what Jay Electronica has put out so far, but like many I'm impatiently waiting to hear his official debut. And it seems that Jay Electronica has responded to this respectfully (see below) which is refreshing, beef is entertaining and all but I'm getting a little tired of it lately. I would be excited to see a KRS One/Canibus beef come into fruition though! (Canibus seemingly dissed KRS One in a song released back in February.) Support both of these artists' endeavors.

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