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Monday, April 05, 2010

Thou - Entire Discography [FREE]

"Thou" is a Baton Rouge Quintet that play the type of blackened Sludge/Doom that fans of Khanate and Burning Witch are probably missing nowadays. Their first full lengths "Tyrant" and "Peasant" are 2 of the most promising doom albums to have come out in awhile, and this prolific group is a welcome change at a time when most good doom bands have barely released anything or are broken up. I'm
anxiously awaiting the release of their third full-length album - it's title "Summit" is the only news I have heard of it thus far.

I particularly enjoy their splits and EPs, which include a collection of Black Sabbath covers called "Through the Empires of Eternal Void" (their version of Black Sabbath's song Black Sabbath from the album Black Sabbath is one of the best Black Sabbath covers I've heard. Ha - let's see someone else fit that many Black Sabbath references in one sentence!) They also seem to be very DIY and have a strong political aspect similar to hardcore/crust punk bands a la "His Hero is Gone" which I consider a definite plus (they have a fucking song called "The Bleeding Genitals of Every Rapist Hang Bleeding From These Trees," you
can't get awesomer than that!)

So naturally when I found out that this band was offering THEIR ENTIRE FUCKING DISCOGRAPHY for FREE download on their website, I was both stoked and confused. I understand that most people don't buy music anymore, but even I consider this an extreme step. But you know what they say about gifts and horses and mouths, so I suggest you go to their site immediately and download to your heart's content before they change their mind. And please buy their vinyl, shirts or cassettes and see them live when you get the chance. Great bands like these need all they help you can give, especially when they're giving their ever-growing discography away for free. These are a MUST for Doom/Sludge aficionados. Rarely do you find a "young" band this prolific with so many high quality releases. Download links and more after the video:

Download their ENTIRE discography here: THOU Website

(just scroll down to discography & click on the titles of the releases to download)

Buy their new Southern Lord Release here: "Rendon Singles" on iTunes

Buy their debut Full-Length "Tyrant" on Vinyl here: Southern Lord Records

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