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Sunday, April 25, 2010

Food For Thought: Diet Edition

Another lazy, gloomy Sunday so I thought I'd celebrate by doing my first food post. First off I'd just like to say that I believe obesity is a major problem in America and that most people that do try to lose weight go about it the wrong way (ie surgery, eating disorders, high protein/heart risk diets, diet pills...) I'd also like to say I'm not the most thin person in the world either, but that is more due to my lack of exercise and laziness. Remember the one thing that all nutritionists and health experts agree on is that healthy weight loss is only achieved through a good diet AND exercise.

With that said I'd like to post this "Food for Thought" fact I found on while looking for barbecue ribs recipes. Not the healthiest option I know, but at least I'm not eating out today. Plus it's Sunday, and it's RIBS! I may need to lose a little weight but I'm still a man.

Food for thought

The three greatest food educators and cookbook authors of the last century lived far longer than the designers of the two most famous diets of the last century. Just sayin'...

Julia Child, died at 92
James Beard, 82
Craig Claiborne, 80
Nathan Pritikin, 70
Robert Atkins, 73

Enjoy your Sunday folks, and cook more. It's healthier and cheaper.

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