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Thursday, April 29, 2010

Beware Of Fake THE HUNDREDS NEW ERA 59Fifty Fitted Caps

This is fucked up, just saw this post from and thought I should help spread the word. Apparently there’s been a ton of “The Hundreds” fitted cap fakes circulating the market, and according to Strictly Fitteds even American Eagle has been biting their style as well. Usually if you see a Hundreds cap in a shitty mall store or for an insane deal on eBay then it’s probably a fake. The Hundreds only sell through select licensed dealers so if a store doesn’t seem to have a lot of Hundreds gear then a couple of random hats might be a little suspect.

If you see that there’s a colorway you don’t recognize, poor embroidery or parts of the design are off then those are good signs that the hat is a fake. The Hundreds is one of my favorite brands (Hundreds sponsors holla!) so be sure you know who you’re dealing with so you can help support independent companies and boutiques. Here's more picture examples/descriptions of fakes taken from the Strictly Fitteds post, and I’ve posted links to official Illinois Hundreds dealers at the end of the post:

*The Side Adam was only released in Black, Red, Yellow and White. Notice how bad the embroidery job is.

*Look at the woven label on the inside and the terrible craftsmanship.

If you're in the Northern Suburbs of IL get your Hundreds gear at: Beau Monde

If you're near Downtown Chicago get your Hundreds gear at: Leaders

If you're near Berwyn, IL get your Hundreds gear at: Modest Skateshop

Official Hundreds Website Store:


  1. I have no interest in these kinds of caps, but I stumbled across the Hundreds LA store a few weeks ago without knowing what it was. Then afterwards I noticed tons of people wearing their gear.


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