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Monday, March 01, 2010

Ablach - Aon (Review & Free Download)

I fucking love grind (pause? No homo? No hobo? I grew up pre-internet so I'll just say “fuck it.”) The raw power, unforgiving brutality, blinding speed, guttural growls, piercing shrieks...The combination of violent tolerance, socio-political commentary, slapstick-like black humor, satirical sensationalism…This is the only genre that can have songs as short as 1 second long yet take their music 110% seriously, and at the same time have songs about misogynistic sadism and carving up the flesh of bloody corpses while NOT taking the subject matter seriously.

It’s also probably the only genre stuck between metal and punk that remains a pure genre in itself, in a sense that if you experiment too much or stray too far from it’s core sound it loses it’s essence and could no longer be considered Grind (much like “Kvlt” Black Metal or “True” Metal.) Short, fast and raw as fuck, Grind is the most brutal form of music around except for maybe Noise, although as extreme as Noise is it can’t match Grindcore’s rhythmic onslaught or condensed intensity.

Ablach plays Grindcore music. Their debut full-length “Aon” is nothing fancy, nothing new or different, just pure fucking Grind. Like all good Grind it incorporates some slight characteristics of other genres (mainly Crust and Death Metal in Ablach’s case) but it’s still basically sounds like any other Grind album with some unique differences- why fuck with a good thing? I saw one of their band members wearing an Insect Warfare shirt in a photo from their Myspace page so that should give you an idea of what you’re in for if you’re familiar with them (which you should be if you're into the genre at all.) They also play Napalm Death’s song “Unchallenged Hate” and close the album with a Terrorizer (YES!) cover so they seem to have no qualms about wearing their influences on their sleeves.

The band formed in Aberdeen (Scotland) in 2007. Their name is Gaelic for “Mangled Carcass,” the album name is Gaelic for “One” and they seem to sing in a combination of English and Gaelic (and maybe Latin?) One thing I really like about them is the fact that their vocals are distorted and clear at the same time, you can pretty much make out what they’re saying even if you don’t understand it. Their guttural growls aren’t just a bunch of low barks like you hear in generic Death Metal bands, and their shrieks (although admittedly a little weak) aren’t just the same high pitched yell screamed in multiple syllable bursts. No pig squeals either! Combined with a nice subtle sense of groove this album is a strong release that is hopefully a sign of Grind to come. If Ablach and other new Grind bands (mainly Singapore’s
Wormrot) have any say then it will be, and we can expect a return to the genre’s roots and some amazingly brutal albums.

Moshpit Tragedy Records is a punk/metal label from Canada, who (according to their website) is the first label to adopt a 'pay-what-you-want-even-nothing' concept. Visitors can set their own price to download entire official albums; complete with print-ready artwork and instructions how to make their own sleeve. Luckily for you guys Ablach’s Aon is one of them:

Download Ablach-Aon at MoshpitTragedy.com

Ablach’s Myspace page

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