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Thursday, February 25, 2010

MosDOOM Shows Cancelled! Mos Def PISSED!

“Hello, this is Ticketmaster Customer Service with an important alert for your upcoming event: Doom Featuring Mos Def, scheduled at Nokia Theatre Times Square on Friday, February 26, 2010, with the doors opening at 8:00PM, has been cancelled…Please note, the $5.40 per order processing fee, any ticketFast, or UPS delivery charges and in-store pick up charges are non-refundable.”

That’s the email that went out to people who bought tickets for tomorrow’s MosDOOM concert in New York. I have also found out that Mos Def is no longer part of tonight’s concert in Toronto and REMG Entertainment stated that those wanting a refund because of Mos Def’s cancellation can obtain them at their point of purchase. The following statement was also released on
“NOTE: Due to circumstances beyond our control the Doom featuring Mos Def show scheduled for Thursday February 25, 2010 at the Kool Haus will no longer feature include Mos Def. All other details regarding this show are unchanged.

REMG Entertainment takes the integrity of our concerts and the trust placed in our company by our loyal patron base very seriously. As such we feel it necessary to address the ongoing rumours and concerns about the true identity of the performer on stage during recent past Doom performances. We are taking every precaution necessary to ensure that the performer on stage is in fact DOOM (Daniel Dumile). The artist has agreed to produce proper identification to us prior to performing to confirm his identity. We will not allow a substitute to perform in his place.

We encourage fans to follow us on for regular updates on the show. Doom says “The Supervillain is still coming to Toronto and he is going to tear the place down.”
I was going to wait until I got more information from my source to reveal this but these cancellations forced me to post early. A very reliable source of mine is good friends with one of Mos Def’s peoples (the source asked to remain anonymous and I won’t say who it is in Mos Def’s camp.) They hung out with them at their hotel penthouse and apparently they said that Mos Def was PISSED after the Chicago concert. My source said it was obvious that Mos had no clue DOOM was going to be a no-show until “he” got on stage. These cancellations seem to confirm these rumors and it’s good to know Mos Def decided to silently make a statement by choosing not to be part of this “tour.” What’s sad is that it was obvious Mos Def was looking forward to working with Mr. Metal Face, given his recent video accolades of DOOM (see below) and his gold mask homage at the Chicago show. It will be interesting to find out how DOOM will be received tonight and if he even actually shows up. I truly hope that REMG Entertainment comes up with some answers and I wish them luck with their concert tonight.

So it seems that Mos had no part of this mess and will have no part of this any longer, and if the “villain” continues on this path it won’t just be his fans who get alienated. Whether it truly is an imposter or if he’s just offering short, shoddy lip-synched shows he won’t be able to do it much longer. Future fans, artists and promoters just may follow everyone’s example and the Chicago MosDOOM concert may mark the beginning of the end of this villain’s tyranny for now.

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  1. :D too good to be true. maybe doom finally gets it! good move by mos. lets see if doom shows up in europe next month. i'm definitely not gonna get a ticket until i know hes actually here.

  2. Real DOOM in Toronto last night.
    No lip syncing

  3. The show was awful. He came on around 12:15 and was off around 1:45. So called "problems" with the equiptment. If you're so good, why don't you freestyle? Waste of money and time.

  4. He was on stage for less than an hour - I got out of the venue after waiting for friends at no later than 1:15. Man came out and did a few killer numbers, but lost serious steam after about 5 or 6 songs. Tech difficulties (or some such BS - did the DJ know what he was doing?) caused a brief brake followed by a couple of shitty performances, then him saying he was done, and one more song after that. $46 a ticket x 3 for myself and two good friends who were all hoping to see mos def.. they should have been handing out $20 bills at the front door, because we all got jacked last night.

  5. Thw worst show as a result of equipment failure being a contributer to the failure, I arrived at 8pm and they were still "testing the sound system" which should have been done at least 2 hours BEFORE the doors opened. What really bothered me was the lack of respect that Doom has for the fans-no apologies, no attempt to try and actualy entertain-It was like he was working on the line! If his shows are like this-maybe he will be in a few years. After all, that is what he deserves with that kind of effort for his performance. The rest of us would have been fired on the first day of our jobs if we put that kind of effort in to work.