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Friday, February 26, 2010

DOOM 2/25/10 Toronto Show Re-cap

So it would seem REMG Entertainment did their best to stay on point with their DOOM concert. They announced on their Twitter that “Doom is in the country! Canada customs confirmed identity!” at around 9:30 Toronto time and that DOOM’s set would start at 10pm. The show cost almost $50 and had one opener (D-Sisive) and apparently DOOM didn’t come on stage until sometime after midnight which was more than 2 hours after his scheduled set time. This means the crowd was left waiting with probably nothing more than a DJ for 3 hours after the opener’s set finished.

The set actually started with a DOOMposter performing before the real DOOM came in to "save" the crowd after a couple of minutes (I remember reading somewhere that he also did this at a previous show a couple of years back as a nod to the imposter rumors.) He then performed a 20 minute set and came back for about 2 short encores (which leads me to believe that it was also the original plan for the Chicago show had it not been so late and had the crowd not been so hostile.) I’m hearing that there was actually some banter and a few fuck-ups on the lyrics (they even had technical difficulties) so it would seem that the real DOOM actually performed without lip-synching. All in all it was around a 3 hour wait for a 30-40 minute set. This is probably the closest thing to closure that I can find for people upset with the Chicago MosDOOM concert.

All this does is prove that SOMEBODY lip-synched in Chicago and that we got an even worse show than Toronto did. Personally I would’ve rather had the real DOOM stumble through his classics than an imposter lip-synching a perfectly prepared live track. If this is performance art or an ongoing publicity stunt I’m sorry, I just don’t get it. I’m done with this. I’ma keep it moving and I’m sticking to headphones with this from now on.

Here's a more detailed account of the concert but strangely no mention of the fake DOOM that everyone said started the show:
Review of the Show from

(*I’ll keep updating with picts or videos of this night as they pop-up but I won’t be making another post about this)


  1. Just wanted to let you know, I started reading your blog after the whole doom situation in Chicago. I must say, I'm now checking this every other day. Keep up the good work man!

  2. Thanks for the kind words homie! They're very much appreciated! I try to keep this updated daily (minus some weekends) and I try to keep it diverse so people don't get bored. I still gotta put in more conspiracy theories and comic posts too, hope you enjoy what's to come.

    That said there's probably been too much "talk" and people are missin their free shit, so I'll be putting up more free music with my next couple of posts.

  3. Yea me too, the doom fiasco brought me in N I also check it on my daily internet reads! Nice work! Oh n btw F U Doom...

  4. I was at the Mos/DOOM show in Chicago...I was pissed to say the least. but like any good soldier, gotta keep it movin forward. Doom is still a great artist when it comes to rhymes, beats, actually whatever he touches...I've just learned that he's just not someone you pay to go see a live show. period.