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Monday, January 18, 2010

J-Live - Do The Knowledge Mixtape Vol. 1 (THE LATE PASS)

Alright I started writing this long ass tirade about the internet turning us apathetic to new music with information overload and digressing into generation gap and how we should all be more diligent and active in finding good music but that's not what you all want is it? This isn't just the days of commercials and short attention spans anymore, these are the days of DVRs and "under 140 character" Tweets. People don't wait for SHIT. So instead of bitching I'll try to help out by posting any free music I come across (and "free" as in the actual definition of the term people.)

I'll admit I've been guilty of thinking that nothing good comes out in Hip Hop anymore, sometimes you just get tired of shifting through all the shit and you just stop trying. Well that was the old me, and apparently J-Live has run into way too many "old me's."

"You just have to do the knowledge and keep your ears open." J-Live

J-Live is a rapper/producer from New York and also a pretty damn good DJ. He got tired of all the bitching and decided to make a mixtape sampler of dope Hip Hop that came out in 2009. There's some tracks on here I missed out on and so it already started to open doors to new music for me, let's hope it does the same for ya'll. Enjoy (actually the mix isn't free anymore, it's now $3. Sorry there's no late pass for the Late Pass.)

J-Live - Do The Knowledge Mixtape Vol. 1 (THE LATE PASS)

So if you like the tracks search out the albums and support the artists, the journey is half the fun - and while you're at it check out J-Live's catalog, he's a pretty cold MC too.

(And here's a bonus video for ya'll too)

Website: http://www.j-livemusic.com/
Myspace: www.myspace.com/jlive

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