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Thursday, March 15, 2018

Max Tannone – Ghostfunk & Mos Dub Remix albums and More [Mixtapes]

(While editing the look of the new site we've stumbled across a whole lot of unpublished drafts, so throughout the next few weeks we'll be posting those for ya'll.  So don't be surprised if you see a few old releases mixed in with the new posts, just think of them as throwbacks!)

Most of the time remixed tracks (or the even more dreaded “mash-ups”) sound painfully forced, especially if they’re not done by “professionals." Whether it’s the rhythm of the words falling off track or the beats just not matching up with subject content or aesthetic something always sounds a little (or a lot) off. This is the main reason I avoid most of them, especially if its an entire album of remixes. It’s a good thing I decided to give these couple of remix albums a try because they have managed to be the exception to the norm.  This pair of releases partners the legendary Tony Starks with Afro Funk beats, and the mighty Mos Def with Reggae ones.  Rather than being full-on produced or chopped beats the music behind these remixes sound more like loops or actual entire records being played with strategic edits and echo delays here and there, but that fact doesn’t diminish the dopeness of the end result one bit. Both albums sound surprisingly cohesive making these sound more like original creations rather than acapella remixes made after the fact. For someone like me who have played most of these tracks to death these remixes have managed to breath refreshing new life into the songs bringing a whole new listening experience along with them.

Here's a link to his site where you can download these two albums and a bunch more like his Dub KweliJaydiohead mixtapes [2 guesses as to what he combined for those]:

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