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Monday, October 30, 2017

YES We're Still Open!: Sorry for the Hiatus

Sorry for the lack of activity on here, but I've been going through some life changes and it's caused this blog to be put on the backburner for awhile now (I guess that's what having a kid and transitioning from a full-time desk job to freelance work will do to you!)  But we assure you that yes we're still open and we will still be posting content in the future!  In addition to our usual free music posts, news and year-end lists we'll be starting a weekly New Releases post.  

Since we only post 'legally free' music its a little difficult to continually come up with content, so this should help with our posts.  The posts may not come every week just due to release schedules, which also means that some of the albums posted won't necessarily have been out that specific week or day.  But they will be new releases.  Basically the posts will consists of album recommendations taken from the new releases of the week in addition to a short blurb for each album.  These will include all new releases paid, free or otherwise and will have a 'New Releases' tag on the side as well.  So stay tuned for some new posts and rest assured that we're still around!


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