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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

Noname - Telefone [Free Download]

Sorry for the hiatus, let’s not waste anymore time and get right to it - Noname (formerly Noname Gypsy) hails from the Bronzeville neighborhood of Chicago. Before this debut mixtape she was notably featured on a track from Chance the Rapper’s album Acid Raps, which is fitting since she shares a certain spirit in style with her fellow Chicago native. Her sing-songy raps and diverse flows has the stream of consciousness of slam poetry and a ‘matter-of fact’ delivery - a stark contrast to the usual Hip Hop braggadocio. The sleepy, sparkly beats on Telefone are full of twinkling keys, cascading xylophones and harmonizing hums which helps Noname’s lyrics nimbly float around the snapping snares and bouncing bass. There’s a playfulness in her delivery which belies the skill in her wordweaving, leaving an album full of joy and subtle sadness steeped in nostalgia and struggle.  This is an amazing debut.

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