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Friday, July 01, 2016

Logic - Bobby Tarantino [FREE Stream]

TURN UP TURN UP TURN UP TURN UP! Logic is a young MC from Maryland who broke out with some quality mixtapes in 2009.  He ended up signing a deal with Def Jam Recordings in 2013, scoring legendary Chicago producer No I.D. as the executive producer of his major label debut.  After releasing a couple of songs featuring Childish Gambino and Big Sean, Logic announced that no featured artists would appear on his album, opting instead to focus on himself for his debut.  He released "Under Pressure" in October of 2014 to critical acclaim and strong album sales, quickly following it up just over a year later with "The Incredible True Story" a concept album about a sci-fi earth 100 years in the future.

His revivalist, backpacker lyricism mixed with new school stylings has him often mentioned along the same lines as other young like-minded MCs such as Kendrick Lamar and J. Cole.  So his latest mixtape comes as somewhat a surprise and not just because it was released today with no promotion or warning.  Bobby Tarantino has the self-proclaimed Young Sinatra melding more trap influences with his acrobatic flow, with beats that could be equally comfortable backing Future, Drake and Wacka Flocka as it would Logic and his previously mentioned peers.  Being as it's Turn up season, Logic explained on Apple's Beats 1 Radio that; “I’ve never done music like this. And it’s been in me. I’ve always wanted to turn up and now it’s that time.” The combination works surprisingly well with the 11 tracks, featuring the previously-released singles “Flexicution” and “Wrist" which features Good Music's Pusha T.  It's an interesting marriage of styles and some fans are even calling it Logic's best release yet.  You can stream it below or on Spotify, Google Play and other streaming services:

Soundcloud Stream: soundcloud.com/bobbytarantino

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