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Thursday, March 03, 2016

MF DOOM/SeanH Sadevillain EP [Free Download]

DOOM! King Geedorah! Metal Fingers! Viktor Vaughn! The Villain! Mr. Metal Face himself!  The rapper formerly known as Zev Love X from KMD has had many aliases in his career, all mostly associated with the ever-present metal gladiator mask that adorns his face. The mask does more than help create a character, it gives him a menacing look befitting of a diabolical villain!  Truly the evil mastermind who has collaborated with the blunted god Madlib in Madvillain, and Ghostface Killah arguably the toughest of the Wu-Tang Clan would have nothing but the hardest-hitting, roughest ruffneck, boom-bap collabos coming up!  So of course who better to team up with DOOM than...Sade?

Young 18 year old UK producer SeanH (aka Seanh2k11) has produced a mashup of classic MF Doom acapellas with beats made from the songs of the ever-sexy and smooth Sade.  Crazy right?  No way this would work?  Apparently not so much because Dumille's vocals pair pretty well with the ethereal R&B of the legendary songstress, and this Sadevillain EP is actually pretty dope.  It helps that MF Doom has actually sampled Sade in the past with his track Doomsday.  Download it below to tide you over until Doom Starks finally drops!

Get it here:

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