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Monday, July 06, 2015

Grant Morrison Announced as new Editor-in-Chief of Heavy Metal Magazine

It has just been announced that legendary comic book writer Grant Morrison has been named the new Editor in Chief of Heavy Metal Magazine. Heavy Metal was created in 1977 as the U.S. version of the French adult comics magazine Metal Hurlant. It quickly gained it's own identity and grew into a highly popular adult magazine specializing in sci-fi, fantasy, and horror comics. It published works from many legends from inside and out of the comic field including Moebius, H.R. Giger, Bernie Wrightson, Richard Corben, Howard Chaykin, and Walter Simonson.

It also featured short prose fiction and interviews with alternative filmmakers like Federico Fellini and Roger Corman. The magazine even dove into film-making themselves when they released their eponymous animated cult-classic in 1981.  For awhile, the magazine was owned and published by Kevin Eastman the co-creator of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, until he sold the magazine to digital and music veteran David Boxenbaum and film producer Jeff Krelitz in January 2014. 

Although comics have long been a part of "Heavy Metal" magazine, the company had never actually published standalone comic books themselves. However, that changed last year when former Image Comics title "Hoax Hunters" became the first series released by the publishing company, so it's fitting that they've recruited Grant Morrison as their new Editor in Chief. 

Boxenbaum & Krelitz are hoping that the Scottish counterculture icon can breath new "punk energy" into the magazine, and it's hard to argue that the creator of The Invisibles, Filth, and the writer who revitalized Animal Man, X-Men and JLA doesn't have the track record to do so. Be on the lookout for Grant's first issue early next year (pictured above) and stay tuned to Idol Threat for further updates. - GodzIL

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